Dare to be Vulnerable

Dare to be Vulnerable


I don't mean we live in a world where Photoshop exists – what I mean is, we live in a world of airbrushing LIFE. Of retouching and polishing...everything. We live in a world where "reality" TV is expected to be staged, where no one believes magazine headlines, and where the default assumption after seeing an amazing photo is that it's been altered in some way or another.

Don't believe me? Just look at social media. Our accounts are heavily-curated, filtered portfolios of the best moments in our lives, leading the rest of the world to believe that we live these amazing lives of perfection – but we all know this isn't true. #iwokeuplikethis (but we know you really didn't)...so we naturally doubt and question...everything. And as a business in a photoshop culture, it's easy to feel like you have to measure up – like you only stand out if your work is a cut above everyone else's. If your portfolio is the best curated, the most polished, the most pristine. 

But today I want to propose an alternative to a curated portfolio of perfection. Something that may seem counter-intuivite by todays standards yet something that I firmly believe is necessary...


I made a conscious decision some time ago to be incredibly honest in my life and business. If you get on my website, I share a lot about my own story, the things I love doing, and the types of clients I'm looking for (and, inversely, the types of clients I'm not looking for). I realized early on in my career that in a world where everything seems fake by default, people are more positively affected by authenticity than than they are by quality.


Now, obviously I don't mean that quality doesn't matter...but here's the thing. In a world of technology where the possibility to create (and create with quality) is immediately at your fingertips (even at a consumer level - just look at what you can do on your phone), quality isn't a deciding factor because quality is expected. And in the culture we live in today, people are looking for a real, authentic connection with people above all else.

So – I DARE YOU TO be vulnerable.

Rather than merely showcasing your best work and attempting to woo the world with your amazing quality, share your story. Make your website a shining testimony of who you are as a person, not merely what you do for your job. Be transparent on social media – share highlights from your work as well as little moments of your personal life.

The only unique thing your business has to offer the world is the distinct personality you bring to the table...

...so showcase that personality in as real of a way as possible. Allow people to see who you are because in a world of airbrushing and retouching, what stands out the most is raw transparency. #nofilter ya'll...just, in your life as a whole and not merely in your selfies ;)


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