EVERYONE is awkward

EVERYONE is awkward

it happens every time...

Right before I pick up my camera with a new client, just before the session starts, this is how it goes. "Hey Josh, just so you know, I'm not really that photogenic." "We haven't done a lot of photoshoots before and we're rather uncomfortable in front of the camera." "I'm really not great at being in pictures." "We just really don't know what to do...so don't expect anything amazing."

Every. Single. Time.

"We're just so awkward on camera!"

Let's face it. There are precious few who truly ENJOY getting their photo taken...and most of them are paid models for agencies or that one someone who is always posting selfies on Instagram (you know who you are!). The rest of us...not so much. We're awkward, uncomfortable, insecure...and make for absolutely terrible photography subjects.* 

Now, before you think I'm going to spin this post into some sort of self-appreciation style you're amazing/you're a snowflake/you're actually beautiful on camera type of post, let me tell you right now...you probably ARE super awkward on camera. But here's the thing – it's not your job to make yourself look amazing...

...it's MINE.

I never expect my clients to show up for a photoshoot knowing exactly how to look good on camera, where to stand, how to "pose", or how to showcase their personalities in distinct and unique ways. And why would they? I don't go to the dentist completely versed in oral hygiene and with all the answers to my dental needs...that's what the dentist is for. I'm a photographer precisely because I know how to bring out and then showcase the very best in people...whether they feel comfortable in front of the camera or not. So here's my point...

Embrace the awkward.

As much as we might like to change ourselves, we are who we are. So love it. Enjoy being you. And trust that I'm going to make you look absolutely amazing despite the fact that you probably don't know how to act.

Every session I've photographed has been with a client who felt awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera...and every single one has resulted in beautiful photos that showcase the raw emotion and story of that couple. And that's not by accident.

So trust me – be yourself, and let me handle the rest.


I 100% include myself in this...just ask my assistants whenever they try to take photos of me for the website or something. I feel great behind the camera but in front of it I might as well be one of those floppy, inflatable advertising balloon-people you see outside of car dealerships. It's as horrific as it sounds.