Finding My Stride

Finding My Stride


In the past few months alone I've rolled into the chaos of wedding season, started booking commercial video jobs, laid down travel plans for cross-country work over the next months, edited tens of thousands of photos, kept up on this blog to my best ability, launched workshop offerings for this fall, begun production work on a host of studio recordings, and started a job as a Creative Director for a large church. Among other things...I think ;)

Point is – it's been absolute insanity.

I've slept less, worked more, and consequently drank more coffee (although that part isn't really unusual) than I ever have before. I've been in work mode nearly 24/7 for the entire summer with only brief breaks to stop and refresh...except for that one point when my entire body shut down and I spontaneously fell asleep for like 4 hours in the middle of the workday...true story.

But here's the reality...


It might be insanity, but I love what I'm doing.
It might be constant, but the clients I get to work with always humble me.
It might be overwhelming, but I love continuing to grow my craft.

Today, I spent the morning at my desk working on emails and website updates and then spent the entire afternoon on a big commercial shoot in Grand Rapids. Tomorrow I'm at the church all day launching new projects. Thursday and Friday are all about editing. And Saturday is a wedding with some of the most fun clients ever.

It's a great season. Hectic and insane? Absolutely. But I wouldn't trade it for the world and I cannot wait to see the doors the work and hustle of this season open down the road.

Alright, off to take a much-needed break (and to be honest, eat ALL the food because I didn't have lunch or dinner yet)...but I didn't want to skimp on the blog today just because things were busy.

Cheers y'all!!