How to Build a Consistent Instagram Feed

How to Build a Consistent Instagram Feed


If you're trying to build a quality Instagram feed, I'm sure you know the struggle. You take a photo you absolutely love, decide to post it, build a great caption and hashtags, click "share", and then look at how it fits in the rest of your feed with disdain because something just doesn't quite seem to "fit".

Let me say this...


Aesthetic consistency is something I've struggled with (and still do!) for a long time, but over my years on Instagram I've developed a few strategies on how to build a visually-cohesive Instagram feed and today I want to share those tips with you.

Ready? Let's go...

1) Define Your Colors

The first step in developing a visually cohesive feed is to define the colors that you will allow on the feed. One of the biggest mistakes Instagrammers make is posting photos with drastically different color palates on their feeds and this leads to a feed that feels sporadic, unintentional, and disjointed.

To build my color palate, I used the Adobe Capture CC app. I took screenshots of Instagram accounts I liked and photos that inspired me, fed those photos into the app, and then tweaked the color palate until I was happy with the colors and how they fit together.

**If you want to see my color palate, scroll down!

2) Refine Your Photo Selection

Now that you have a defined color palate, the next step is to refine the photos you're willing to post based on that color palate. I hold up every photo I want to post to my color palate and visually determine if the image I want to post actually fits within the colors I've defined. If it does, I'm in business. If it doesn't, that photo is gone – even if it's a quality photo. Now, that doesn't mean the photo can't be shared anywhere, I still may post it on my Instagram story or on another social media platform. But the point is – refine the photos you post based on the color palate you've defined...this is the next step in building a visually cohesive feed.

3) Plan Using Layout Apps

Once you've refined your post selection to images that fit your overall color palate, the final step is to choose where those images get placed in your feed. Layout is incredibly important – if you post too many of the same style images in a row, your feed will seem splotchy and unintentional. But thankfully there's an easy solution to the problem – LAYOUT APPS!

There are a ton of apps you can use to help plan out how your posts will line up in your overall feed. Personally, I use the Mosaico app, but there are a ton of options out there if you want to try something different (I'd recommend UnUm, Iconosquare, and Planoly).

Define your colors, refine your photo selection based on those colors, and then plan your feed using a layout app – if you follow these three tips I can almost guarantee that your feed will start to look more cohesive, intentional, and more aesthetically pleasing!


As an example of how this works, here is a screenshot of my color palate side-by-side with my planning grid in Mosaico. You can see clearly how I only post images that fit in my color palate and how I've laid out my feed to allow each image to stand alone but also fit into the greater feed as a whole. Hope it helps!