I'm Not Where I Want to Be

I'm Not Where I Want to Be

This week has been weird.

I'm a big-picture thinker and a dreamer at heart. I love thinking 5 or 10 years down the road about where I want to be, creating goals for myself, and then working to achieve them. And that's definitely not a bad thing. Much of my success in business thus far has been precisely because I've made lofty goals and then worked incredibly hard to accomplish them.

However, big goals can easily drown out small victories.

Here's what I mean.

This week has been a beautiful reminder of how much my business has been blessed. I've been busier than ever with bookings, client upkeep, editing, and other logistics...which is incredible. I remember moments early on when I was dying to be busy and successful enough to do this full time and it's a huge blessing to look back at this week and realize I'm doing exactly that.

However, at the same time I've become agonizingly aware that I'm not where I want to be in my career. I have huge things I want to accomplish, milestones I want to reach, places I want to travel for work, projects I want to take on. And while those goals are great and worthy of aspiring to, it's easy for me to get way too focused on the future...to the point of getting annoyed at the present.

long-term goals don't happen overnight.

That's really, really easy for me to forget.

Long-term projects take a lot of work. And career success doesn't magically happen one day – it's an accumulation of days, months, and years of dedicated hustle. The path to success is often one of small steps, not big leaps, and it's precisely our dedication in the present that ultimately leads us to success. And for me, keeping my focus on the present can sometimes be a struggle. But I'm guessing I'm not alone in this.

We all have aspirations. Dreams we'd love to see come to life. Goals we'd love to accomplish. And if you're anything like me, it can get hard to view the present as a continual stepping-stone towards those long term goals.

So wherever you're at in this, know you're not alone.

In a world of prominent social media and heavily-curated online lives, it can be incredibly easy to buy into the delusion that everyone else's lives are amazing and perfect while you're stuck alone in the daily grind. Let me promise you, social media can be immensely deceiving.

If this post is a reminder of anything, it's that we all have weird weeks. We all have moments when we look at the future and think "How in the WORLD am I ever going to get there??" If that's you today, breathe easy. You're not alone.

So take a step back and look at how far you've already come. Recognize the victories you've already won and the goals you've already achieved. Take joy in knowing that where you are today is not where you were yesterday, a month ago, or last year.

And then set your mind to the future and keep driving forward towards whatever amazing things the future holds.