My Favorite Lens

My Favorite Lens

35mm f/1.4

That was easy. Blog done.

Just kidding. I honestly don't know if I'm capable of writing a blog that isn't at least a couple of paragraphs long...ha. Maybe I'll have to work on that.

Anyway, back to the main point – I have a pretty serious love for my 35mm lens. It's the lens I travel with when I have to only choose one, it's my go-to for every engagement session I shoot, and it sees the highest volume of shots on wedding days as well. 

Why? It all comes down to two words...


Let me explain.

I absolutely adore massive photos – photos that convey a sense of sheer hugeness (did I just coin a word?), snapshots that make you open your eyes a bit wider just to take it all in. And the 35mm is just wide enough to capture those kind of photos with ease. But I'm also about stepping in close with the couples I work with, letting the wind blow their hair into my camera as they lean in for a kiss...capturing their love up close and personal. And the 35mm is perfect for that. It allows me to get close in the intimate moments and then step back to also capture the grandeur of an amazing location, all with one lens.

I've honestly photographed weddings where I've had to ask my assistant to remind me to switch lenses throughout the day just so I wouldn't shoot the entire wedding with one field of view – I love the lens that much. And here's the thing...the aperture opens up to f/1.4 which means not only can I step in close to capture intimate moments but I can also choose exactly what details I want to visually prioritize and then wash out everything else.


And now it's your turn to answer. What's your favorite lens?? I'd love to hear what you love shooting with so leave a comment and let me know! Happy shooting...