my travel packing list

my travel packing list


Just in the past 6 months alone I've been to both the East and West coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, driven thousands of miles through the Midwest, and probably spent way too many hours at various local cafe's...and they were amazing and there's nothing I love more than trying coffee from all over the countr... – wait, I'm writing a blog, not trying to rave about coffee. Focus, Josh.

Anyway, the point is I've been traveling a lot. And I LOVE it!!

But with travel comes the need to pack stragetically (especially when you're flying!) and I've quickly realized I can't pack my entire closet or bring my entire array of photographic gear when I'm limited to a carry-on and a personal item.

So today I thought I'd switch things up a bit and do a more behind-the-scenes blog about what I pack when I travel and how I strategically bring only the right gear for whatever job/trip I'm trying to accomplish.

So without further delay...
...HERE'S what I bring when I travel!


I bring two bags with me on every trip – 1) my Langly Alpha Pro backpack for photo gear, my laptop, and a few personal items and 2) a carry-on roller bag for clothing, coffee gear (obviously) and any extra work stuff I couldn't fit in the backpack.

Here's what that looks like...



Primary Gear

Nikon D810 – this is my primary goes wherever I do!
35mm f/1.4 – I use this lens to a's amazing.
85mm f/1.4 – my go-to portrait lens.
105mm Macro – my travel telephoto + details lens.

Other Equipment

Apple 15" MacBook Pro – for...everything.
Noise-Cancelling Headphones – a must on long flights!
Battery Pack – because stupid iPhone batteries.
Idea Notebook – old school paper & pen deal.
Empty Water Bottle – filled after I clear security.
A good book – to fill the time!




Outfit-wise I pack simply. I'll often bring several versions of the same outfit and then bring accessories so if something gets dirty I can easily change. Other than that, here are some necessities...

Hiking Boots – I wear comfy shoes & pack the boots.
Rain Jacket – because you can't predict weather.
Hat + Gloves – see above.

Coffee Gear

If I'm going to be in a place with plenty of quality cafes, I may not pack this stuff. But I love waking up to a good pour-over so I often bring my own gear...

Hario Electric Kettle
Porlex Hand Grinder
Kalita Wave + Filters
Hario Coffee Scale/Timer
Miir 12oz Insulated Tumbler


Other Stuff

What else I pack really depends on the trip...but here is some of the stuff I sometimes bring!

Running Clothes – I love exploring with a run!
DJI Mavic Pro – if I need an aerial platform
Canon 80D – if I'm shooting video or vlogging
iPad Pro w/Cellular – if I don't need my MacBook or am going to be without WiFi


Hopefully that's been an intriguing look at my travel setup and what I bring when I'm on the road! If you have questions about why I bring what I do or would like me to cover some other topic on hear, leave me a shout in the comments!

Also, this coming Tuesday I'll be covering when to say no in business so check back in to hear my thoughts on why saying no can actually be saying YES.