Should I Offer Discounts to Secure Bookings?

Should I Offer Discounts to Secure Bookings?

"When you were first starting out, how did you handle people asking you to lower your prices for them?"

I got asked this question the other day and it got me thinking...I bet anything that a LOT of you are asking this very question as well!

When you're first starting out in a creative business, there's a very real struggle between pricing what you believe you're worth and what will actually book clients. And even when you have set prices on your website, you'll inevitably get inquiries from people who "love your work but simply can't afford your prices" and then the question becomes...

do I lower my prices to secure the booking??

Since I know this is a very common question in young creative businesses, I figured I'd share my answer here on the blog – hope it's helpful!!

"When you were first starting out, how did you handle people asking you to lower your prices for them?"

Good question – and unfortunately there’s not a cut and dry answer. The first official wedding I shot I offered the couple a huge discount because I needed a wedding under my belt. As I started to book more weddings, I’d slowly raise prices but still offer slight discounts if the discount meant that I would secure the wedding. Once I got to the point where I had consistent inquiries coming in, I stopped being as flexible with the prices and basically had to slowly educate people on the value of my work, the time I actually put into each client, and eventually I was able to stop justifying my prices altogether. 


But here's the deal – you’ll end up finding out that the people who ask for a bargain on prices end up being the clients who are the most demanding, the least engaged with your creative vision, and have the highest volume of complaints/requests/etc. Once the price point starts increasing you’ll start to be able to really hone in the work you want to do and book clients who truly value the experience you’re offering.


Long story short, you kinda have to decide where you’re at in the game. When you’re starting out, it’s worth compromising on PRICE but not on CREATIVITY – be clear with what you are offering and what you want to do and be okay with discounts to begin with. Then later on you can get less lenient on pricing and the quality of client will only increase!


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