Stop Being Busy

Stop Being Busy

It seems like everyone is "busy" these days.

Ever had one of the "busy" conversations? Chances are, you have.
Here's how they always seem to work.

You run into someone you haven't seen in awhile and so naturally you ask, "How's life going for you??" And the inevitable response..."Oh you know, super busy – things are crazy!" And then you reply and talk about how your life is similarly busy as well...and voila. Little bonding moment over the fact that your calendars are full.

These conversations annoy me to an amount that I can't even describe.

Why? Because somehow we've traded authentic conversations about actual life experiences for superficial exchanges about the simple fact that we have schedules. And the silliest part? Being "busy" isn't even a novelty – in all reality...

If we're not busy, we're just lazy.

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying we should somehow fill our lives full of so much chaos that we literally have no time for anything else. That's just plain stupid. I'm also not saying that schedule is wrong – I'll be the first to argue that being productive is a great thing and something we should strive for!!

My point is this – unless your life is literally spent laying on your couch all day rewatching all the seasons of Parks and Rec on Netflix, your life is probably "busy". You have a job. You go to class. You have a family. You serve in your church. You exercise. Even taking a vacation is something we'd call being "busy".

Here's the problem...

somehow we've equated merely living life with being busy and then reduced the subject of our conversations to the simple truth that we have full schedules.

So next time someone asks you how your life is going, pause just for a moment to actually think of something meaningful...and then actually answer the question. You may be surprised at the relationships you can cultivate with just a bit of honesty.