Stop Self Shaming

Stop Self Shaming


As creatives, we take our work incredibly personally.
And that's not a bad thing. It's important to value what we create, it's great to take joy in a job well done, and it's amazing to always be striving to increase in skill and take our work to the next level.


Someone will always have more followers. Someone will receive more likes or comments. Someone will book more clients. Someone will land a job we wanted. Someone will put out higher quality photo edits.

Someone is always better.

This sound familiar? You work your butt off on a photo session, feel things turned out really well edit everything exactly as you want it to look, post the photos with all the joy in the world...and then make the mistake of browsing other social media accounts and all the sudden you think everything you've ever done is terrible and you just want to go bury your head in a hole and quit.

I've been there. It's so easy to get disillusioned and think I'm not putting out the caliber work my peers are, that I'm not traveling enough or doing "big enough" sessions, or that somehow the work I'm creating is simply not good enough compared to all the other amazing artists out there.

And don't get me wrong. Continually aspiring to increase in quality, being inspired by other artists, and striving to keep growing...these are all great pursuits!

But don't get paralyzed by your future aspirations.

Dreams are amazing. Lofty pursuits are the very thing that catapult us forward and without high goals the odds of succeeding in business come down to mere coincidence.

But it's far too easy to let the fact that we haven't achieved our dreams yet hinder us from seeing our successes in the present.

I have to remind myself of this daily. Just because I want to eventually be shooting a large volume of destination weddings doesn't mean that my current work is somehow bad. And even though my dream is to work on the West Coast I can still find value and significance right where I'm at now.

Here's my point.

As creatives, we all take our work personally and we all have dreams and aspirations. Just don't let your future aspirations fool you into believing that the work you're doing right now doesn't have value.