When Life Gives You Lemonade...

When Life Gives You Lemonade...


It's easy as a creative to think that you stand alone. To believe that you're the only one struggling with the things you struggle with, to live with the idea that everyone else (and their work) is a pristine model of perfection while you're the only one pushing through the grind of daily work while the ever-present voice of inadequacy and failure looms in the back of your mind.


I'll be the first to say I'm not a shining model of success. There are many photographers doing better work than I am or accomplishing better things. But I'm far enough down this road to be able to look back at the journey and share successes and failures. And my entire intention with this blog site has been to present an authentic look at a real business...complete with all the failures and struggles that exist in my world.

I've shared my struggles with editing, booking the right clients, my natural tendency to devalue my own work, and the constant self-criticism that haunts even my best work.

And that's honestly the point of this blog.

To show you firsthand that even success stories aren't void of moments of struggle and failure while also hopefully encouraging and inspiring you to keep up the hustle because hard work pays off.

But what this blog hasn't seen yet is transparency about success.


And this week...this week has been a success story.

This week (or really the last two) has been full of exciting bookings, incredible conversations, and amazing stories from previous clients about how much they've appreciated my work. I purchased a new camera, was presented with an exciting (and humbling) job opportunity, and had the ability to enact some positive changes in my business that I didn't think were even going to be possible until at least 2018. 

My point is – this past week has been incredibly encouraging, refreshing, and humbling. And in moments of success and reward it's tempting to undervalue it or shrug it off as merely another stepping stone in the journey.

But I've been learning the power of appreciating moments like this.

Of sitting back and reflecting on the struggle that led me to this place and then planting a mental flag at this moment so I can look back on this week and get inspired when the going gets rough again.


The road to success is often a rocky one, filled with failure, self-doubt, and a mind-numbing amount of hard work. But sometimes the sun comes out and allows you to see just how far you've come – and in those moments, humbly appreciate it.

I've done this long enough to be painfully aware that there's still a long road ahead of me. But today I'm reflecting on how far I've already come – incredibly grateful for where the past has brought me and inspired anew to get back to work and push hard towards whatever the future may bring.

So, today, here's to the present. Cheers.


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