when to say NO


Part of it is that I simply love my job. I love being creative, exploring new ways of doing things, and if I could do everything I do and not charge for it...I would. This also means I want to accept any and every job that crosses my desk just because I love the artistic challenge...and that quickly becomes overwhelming. 

Unfortunately, the laws of nature (and the requirement that I actually sleep sometimes) conflict with my desire to do everything and I learned quite quickly in this business that success comes by specializing...and effectively specializing requires learning to say no to some things so you can say yes to others.


What I mean is this...

When I first started my photography business, I tried to do it all. I accepted all the weddings that came across my desk, photographed seniors and families during the week, filmed, edited, and produced video advertisements for local businesses, offered headshots and product photography packages, and the list goes on.

And what I quickly learned is that you can't be the best at everything – if you try to do it all you'll end up being mediocre...at all of it.


I've gotten very specific about the kinds of jobs I'll accept and the kinds of jobs I refer to someone else. And hear me out – it's not like I've specialized only in a certain type of job...I'll take most anything that comes my way as long as it fits with the general style/aesthetic I'm aiming for.

What I learned was FOCUS.

I've learned to be super honest about exactly what kind of work I'll accept and focused 100% of my attention to attracting those clients (and, ultimately, repelling everyone else)!

And the crazy thing? Since I've started saying no...my business has exploded.

My point is this.

If you're struggling to really find your stride in the work you're doing – here's my advice. Find a niche that fits your personality and the kind of work you want to do, and then stick with it...meticulously. 

Be honest about the type of work you want to do, get really really good at it...and pass by everything else. Don't be afraid to say no to clients who will distract you from what you're ultimately pursuing – thank them for their interest, send them on to someone else who will benefit from the type of work they're requesting, and then turn all of your attention back to the clients who fit your style and aesthetic.

Learn to say NO...
...SO you can start saying YES.


Want to chat about how to narrow your brand and focus on only the clients who will help you achieve your business goals? Give me a shout and let's set up a mentoring session! I'd love to help you on this journey...talk to you soon =)